What is Pink Fader? It’s Time to Find Out

By February 27, 2019 May 28th, 2019 Blog

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Pink Fader is the best source for established and aspiring artists to find unique beats and instrumentals online. The Grammy-nominated group has worked with music industry titans like Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, MTV, and others on music production for recording artists and songwriters. Pink Fader partners with a wide variety of people from the music industry to create beautiful songs with an undeniably fresh sound. Pink Fader is committed to providing the best quality beats to its clients.

Unique Sound

Pink Fader has a track record of making unique beats for musicians looking to make a mark. The quality of Pink Fader’s work can push songs to a new level and make the most of a singer’s talent. The worst thing that can happen to a singer or songwriter is to have instrumentals behind their work not measure up. The amount of dedication that goes into the craft of producing and making a song happen means that artists should seek out the best instrumentals possible. Looking for fresh new music can be challenging. Pink Fader has an extensive library of unique beats and instrumentals that can work for any artist. Pink Fader specializes in Hip-Hop and Pop tracks, and their industry expertise is second to none.

Simple Licensing

Figuring out pricing models and licensing rights can be complicated. The music industry is filled with stories about artists who entered into bad contracts and essentially saw their music stolen from them. At Pink Fader, the payment structure and licensing agreement are transparent. They work with artists to make sure they understand how different cost models will help improve and promote their music. Pink Fader breaks down its licensing into four basic easy-to-understand tiers as follows:

  1. Amateur – Amateur is the lowest-cost licensing model. Customers pay a one-time $39 fee that grants them rights to upload to Soundcloud and YouTube and up to 10,000 streams. They can select from premade beats that they can use for two years. Amateur does not include exclusive rights or radio spins. Amateur is great for people starting out in music wanting to create their first viral hit record.
  2. Basic – The Basic tier costs $99. The one-time fee includes additional upload rights to Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and other streaming services. Like Amateur, no exclusive rights are granted, and the payment is good for two years. With Basic, there is no cap on radio spins, streams or earnings from the music. Pink Fader collects no royalties from beats chosen under the Basic plan. Basic is great for artists who want to access a limited number of beats or instrumentals from Pink Fader.
  3. Deluxe – The Deluxe customer pays a $199 one-time fee that includes everything in the Basic model. It also includes rights for five years as opposed to two. Pink Fader grants artists exclusive rights to a beat if their song breaks 100k streams. Deluxe is great for more established artists with a track record of bringing songs to market.

Custom Production

In addition to the three price tiers, Pink Fader works with artists and songwriters to make custom beats. As a Grammy-nominated group, Pink Fader can make high-quality custom sounds on a project basis. Generally, clients submit custom requests that explain the desired beat or instrumental. Pink Fader works closely with clients to understand what sound and message they are going for, and gets to work making a 100% unique sound. Minor revisions are all free of charge. Full payment isn’t required until clients are totally satisfied with the product. Revisions will be made until the song sounds right. In cases where musicians want to go another direction, major revisions to custom tracks include a small fee of $30 for each one.

Custom production by a Grammy-nominated production team is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most artists. The beat made for clients is exclusive to them because it will never be sold again. Custom projects come with a 25/75 publishing split, with 75 going to the client.

Even though Pink Fader specializes in beat production, they have a lot of experience with songwriting. Many amateur artists end up making great beats at home or in the studio but struggle writing lyrics and melody that fits into the sound. Pink Fader offers quality songwriting that helps complete songs and gets them ready for primetime.

Pink Fader is an industry-leading production team that can help songwriters and artists create their dream sound and push their music out into the world. Our team loves bringing artists to another level by getting them quality beats and instrumentals that are unique and fresh. Visit us today to check out our library and see how we can help you make your musical dreams a reality.