3 steps to jumpstart your Pop singing career!

Performing Artist
What’s up? It’s “Grammy-nominated” music producer Pink Fader.

So you want to be a big-time singer someday… Would you believe me if I told you most of the important work actually has nothing to do with singing?

“In the next 60 seconds, I will tell you everything you need to have in place in order to start & maximize your career as a Pop singer!”

The 3 Things You'll Need:


  • You must find yourself (sound & image). We know it’s tempting to sound exactly like your favorite artist from time to time… but think about: Who do THEY sound like? Most likely they have their own voice. It’s time to be real with yourself and realize that megastars are all unique in their own way, and it’s important for YOU to embrace your voice.

Music Production

  • What’s a Pop song without a good beat? Seriously though, today’s mainstream music is mainly driven by the production – 50% of every song. Many aspiring artists like yourself have a problem finding top-quality instrumentals, but I have a few free instrumentals you can download here (multiple genres included, plus a more in-depth career guide for artists). Feel free to make your own songs using these beats.

Studio Access

  • Clearly, if you cannot record your songs, you probably won’t have much of a chance at becoming a professional singer. Many aspiring artists get caught up at this point. However, it’s much easier than you may think. “Public studios” are a thing. Just like you can book a hair appointment, you can book studio time. It’s not some weird, exclusive, only for industry people thing. Check near you for a professional recording studio.

Whenever you have a goal, whether you want to be a doctor or a singer, people will find a way to bring you down.... I always tell people that if you have something you're really passionate about, don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

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