How To Market Your Music Independently

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How to market music independently

My “most-requested” topic to cover when it comes to helping artists…

When it comes to building a loyal fan-base, it’s all about the “connection”. How can you relate to your potential fans? What can they get from you?
The first step is figuring out “who” you’d like to target. Then, from there, you figure out what they like musically & culture-wise. It’s then your job to BE that (infusing YOU into the mix).
Many artists think just because they have a story to tell, that people want to listen. Sadly, that’s far from the truth (especially today). So what you want to do instead of tell YOUR story is relate to them by fusing “their” stories with yours in a general way…
I’m speaking literal lyrical/emotional content here.
A great quote I’ll never forget that was spoken to me from former president of Kobalt Publishing is “music sells everything, but itself”There has to be something larger behind the song itself for people to invest their money into you as an independent artist, whether it’s your image/lifestyle people fall in love with, your ability to relate, or something else.
how to promote music independently
Once you’ve done this research you’re ready to begin your journey to garnering a loyal fan-base. Once you know who you want to target, what they like/respond to, and create a product that embodies just that, now it’s time to put it in their faces.

How to get your music heard (without depending on others)

This is relatively easy with today’s digital ad platforms (particularly Instagram and Facebook). The targeting gets really intricate and detailed when you are setting up ad campaigns. From targeting die-hard fans of Post Malone to targeting people who “like to buy music”, it’s all there. As well, you can start as small as $5/day on ads with any particular goal (getting mailing list signups, getting song downloads [which we highly advise giving songs away free in the beginning], video views, Facebook page likes, etc.).
That’s most likely how we eventually got you to this page.
marketing indie music

Now Just Imagine…

From there, it’s all about the more money that goes in (along with a consistently quality & branded product), the more your fan base grows, and the more you connect with your existing fans. Imagine having a fan-base of 10,000 loyal people that are directly on your email list. You can reach out to them to let them know you’re about to drop a project. Even if only 10% purchase, that’s 1,000 sales x $10, and boom, $10,000 made in a matter of days.
Hope this lays things out a bit more clearly as it relates to marketing & building a fan-base! Don’t forget to get your free beats from me to get started! If you’re ready & looking for beats for sale, head over to my beat store.
If you would like more detailed information on marketing yourself as an artist, please shoot me a message and I’d be more than happy to help you out!

Here’s a dope & “relevant” video on promoting your music independently in 2019 (no fluff)!

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