Looking For Free Beats? Here’s What You Do

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Do you need some free beats for your song? If you’re just getting your songwriting career off the ground, you need some free resources to help you get started. I get it. I’ve been there. You need a way to explore your ideas, spark some creativity, and boost your career without spending money upfront. That’s why I offer lots of options to help new songwriters find their perfect mixes. If you need some free beats to get yourself started, I’ve got exactly what you need. Here’s how you find the beats that you want for your song.

Find the Right Beats

First, know that not all beats are the same. If you’ve listened to a few beats online, you know that some are better quality than others. Unfortunately, the free options don’t always live up to the paid options. Some free beats just don’t have the rhythm and style that you’re looking for. Your first step is to find a quality company. Listen to some song samples to get a feel for a company’s beats. Or, you could save yourself some time by sticking with Pink Fader. We offer high-quality beats at all price levels. And yes, that does include free mixes. I use a high-quality standard for my free beats, just like I do for my paid ones. I don’t believe in lowering my artistic standards. Now, that brings me to the next part of this list.

Jumpstart Your Ideas

Now, head over to Pink Fader’s free beats section. Click the download button. You now have 10 free beats and you can profit using these beats. Seriously. This is my gift to you. It comes with no obligations and no questions, and you can download those beats fast. Here’s a suggestion, though. Use those beats to jumpstart your songwriting ideas. You may already have a few things in mind, but you can also use these beats as a starting point for some songwriting. In other words, go beyond matching your song to the perfect beat. Use all 10 to keep the ideas flowing. After all, you have the resource. Why wouldn’t you use it? Keep writing ideas down and then see what happens. I promise that you’ll be glad that you did. From my experience, you usually have to write 10 songs before you find that one that truly connects.

Buy One, Get One Free

Take your time with those 10 free beats. Use them to generate all the ideas you want. If you decide that you want more, Pink Fader is always available. I have a lot of beats ready to go, or I can set up a custom instrumental for you. However, just because you’ve started paying for beats doesn’t mean that you can’t still get some free ones. Right now, all of Pink Fader’s beats are buy one, get one free. You don’t need a coupon. The deal is automatic.

Don’t Limit Your Earnings

Now, even when you do move beyond free beats, you’re going to want to stay frugal. Of course, with that “buy one, get one free” deal, you’re off to a great start. Still, you can keep saving money as you keep writing songs. As a songwriter, you may already be an expert on saving money. I can help you take it even further. One way to stay smart with money is to not limit your earnings. Whatever beat you use, you’ll want to make sure that you can keep using it and making money with it. Does your current production service limit how often you can use your song? Or does it put a cap on how much you can earn? Does it limit which platforms you can use to sell the song? Then you may want to look elsewhere for your beats. By the way, Pink Fader doesn’t use any of those limits.

You’ve earned that money… so you should keep it.

Get the Right Price

Here’s another tip for staying frugal when you move past your free beats: Keep an eye on pricing. Make sure that you always get a good price for your beats. At Pink Fader, I only offer fair prices. You can also buy licenses for your songs that can last anywhere from two years to a lifetime, depending on the bundle that you choose. It’s easy, convenient, and well-priced.

Free Beats and Beyond

Ready to start with your own free beats? Then let Pink Fader provide exactly what you need. As a Grammy-nominated producer, I’ve worked with lots of top-level clients, and all of them keep coming back for more. Whether you write Rap, Trap, Pop, or Hip-Hop, we’ve got plenty of options for you to get started.

Download your 10 free beats now. I’ll help you maximize and expedite your artist process.