New to Pink Fader? Here’s everything you need to know

We understand that the idea of buying instrumentals online may seem a bit weird to some inexperienced shoppers. For the record, this is a relatively new industry, however, we’re on the cutting-edge of its advancements, and are one of its premier brands.

So there’s no confusion, we’ve decided to put this page together to clearly explain what the online music production industry is all about, and more specifically, how we operate. Quite frankly, most of our competitors fail to clearly explain this information, leading to many confused consumers. It’s not their fault per se, as these issues are deeply rooted in the culture of the industry.

Don’t be confused. This post can save you some legal trouble when working with producers. While many producers fail to explain how licensing works, they’re quick to come after you should you breach any terms. Take a few minutes to scan through so that you’re confident in buying beats online, even if you’re buying elsewhere!

Who We Are & What We Do

Pink Fader is a Grammy®-nominated record production company, offering industry-standard music production to songwriters & recording artists. Since working with robust clients such as Warner Music Group, Fox, ABC, Atlantic Records, MTV, Sony ATV, and more, Pink Fader has made its music production services readily available to the public.

How licensing works: Non-exclusive vs. Exclusive licenses (In General)

Generally speaking, when you license an instrumental, there are usually two main options: “non-exclusive” & “exclusive”. We have two non-exclusive licenses (Basic & Deluxe), and one exclusive license (Custom).

  • Non-exclusive licenses: When you purchase a non-exclusive license, you’re simply paying us for permission to use the instrumental. It’s essentially a lease. You do not own the beat. We retain full ownership of the beat and can continue to license that same beat to other artists. We clearly define what you get with each license in the next section.
  • Exclusive licenses: While we do not sell exclusive licenses to the pre-made beats found on our homepage, exclusive rights to pre-made tracks can be earned by getting 100K+ streams, or selling 25,000+ units (more info on this page). With our custom beat service, you’re automatically granted exclusive rights to the instrumental we create for you. We request 25% of publishing (for the song) for any exclusive license acquisition, whether it’s from earning it on a pre-made beat, or for a custom beat we made for you.
    • Here are a few benefits of attaining exclusive rights:
      • The beat can no longer be licensed out to others.
      • You have the full right to license your song out to 3rd party publishing companies for TV/Film, etc.
      • The contract lasts forever, so you don’t have to worry about your contract expiring.
      • You own the masters to the song.

What Can I Do With The Instrumentals I License From Pink Fader?

With any of our 3 licenses (Basic, Deluxe, and Custom) you can perform and sell your songs on any digital distribution platform (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, etc.) with no earnings caps/limits. Our more popular non-exclusive licenses (Basic & Deluxe) are 100% royalty-free. This means you can push your song, and not have to worry about paying us a dime more than the small initial license fee.

Here are our only 3 restrictions on non-exclusive licenses:

  • The term length of your license (Basic licenses last 2 years, and Deluxe licenses last 5 years).
  • We prohibit the reselling of our beats as is. You must accompany our instrumentals with a vocal performance.
  • We prohibit 3rd party sync license deals. In other words, we do not allow you to license the song to any 3rd party publishing company. 

Our Licensing Explained

Here’s what you get with each license:

Basic ($99)

  • MP3 (320 Kbps) | 24-Bit WAV | 2-Year License (must renew after 2 years in order to continue using beat) | Unlimited Radio Spins | Unlimited Earnings | We can re-license the beat to others

Deluxe ($199)

  • MP3 (320 Kbps) | 24-Bit WAV | Trackouts | 5-Year License (must renew after 5 years in order to continue using beat) | Unlimited Radio Spins | Unlimited Earnings | We can re-license the beat to others

Custom ($1,999)

  • MP3 (320 Kbps) | 24-Bit WAV | Trackouts | Lifetime License | Unlimited Radio Spins | Unlimited Earnings | We cannot re-license the beat to others.
  • Custom beats are made from scratch to fit your needs. Learn more here.
  • This license is only advised if you’re an experienced artist with a decent marketing budget (at least $10,000). We’d hate to see you get a custom beat without any plans or budget as to how to push your song along in the market. 

What happens after a license expires?

  • Once a license expires, you are required to renew it in order to continue exploiting your song. Once expired, it’s as if you never purchased the license, to begin with. Simply re-purchase any license for that beat, and your license is renewed. It is up to you which license you choose to get for your renewal. For example, your original license could be a Basic license (which lasts 2 years), but once it expires, you can get a Deluxe license (which lasts 5 years). This is still a form of renewal. If you fail to renew a license (and are still pushing your song), we will be able to find out using advanced software that searches the web & digital distribution platforms for our beats.

What happens if someone earns exclusive rights to an instrumental that I licensed?

  • While the earning of exclusive rights is very rare, we have a protocol in place to protect all licensees of beats who’s exclusive rights are earned by others. Should this happen to you, you will retain all of your original rights. However, once your contract expires, you will not be able to renew the license. With this said, we will make you a replacement custom beat (which is automatically exclusive to you) at half price. The beat would be the same tempo, vibe, and key so that it fits perfectly with your original song. This is the fairest way we know to handle this situation. Again, the earning of exclusive rights is a very rare occurrence. 


  • Pink Fader will retain all copyright ownership of the instrumentals for non-exclusive licenses. However, if you earn exclusive rights to beat or purchase a custom beat, you will retain copyright ownership of the Sound Recording (Masters). For non-exclusive purchases, you should file a form PA to copyright your lyrics only. You cannot copyright the music as it’s a non-exclusive license.

Important notes:

  • All audio-protection tags are removed upon the purchase of any license.
  • The Basic and Deluxe licenses are both non-exclusive. The custom beat license is exclusive.
  • Non-exclusive licenses are 100% royalty-free. We request 25% of the publishing and 3% of mechanical royalties for exclusive licenses.

Does Pink Fader provide marketing & promotion services?

At the time of this writing, we do not. However, we have a few hand-picked marketing services up our sleeve. Check these guys out:

Bonus: Here’s Why You’re In Luck!

We use the same tools & studio equipment as household-name super producers, and have the same (if not more) production experience as they do – providing you with the same exact service at a fraction of their costs. 

Not to take anything away from superstar producers, but you’re mainly paying for the name when you attempt to work with them. This does little to nothing to actually help promote your song in return. Why? Outside of the fact that most really just want your money, and have no plans of promoting your song to their fan-base in the first place, it’s because music is consumed so fast & so frequently these days that most listeners could care less who produced it (unless you’re already a major artist). Listeners just want to hear great songs. Above all of that though, “the fact that ‘xyz’ produced it” has very little to do with the actual marketing and promotional groundwork that needs to be laid in the real world for your record to break.

Just search in YouTube “Prod. by [input your favorite producer]”, sort your results by view count, and scroll down towards the bottom. You will see that there are probably hundreds of results that have been up for years with very little views (you can see the total number of results at the top of the page just under the search bar). It’s a misconception that “who produced a song” determines how large that song can be. What’s more important is how well the song is produced. Frankly, most hit records on the charts now are produced by unknown producers anyway. It’s time for indie artists to stop being blinded by the glitter, and understand what’s really going on.

Up until the late 2000s, having a big-name producer behind you meant something because there were only so many projects that ‘that’ producer was a part of (and there were FAR fewer songs in the market). Hence, his/her followers would be sure to listen in to see what’s new. That’s all changed… Since this new streaming/tech age took over the past several years, more indie artists have risen out of the blue, watering down the perceived value of music in general. That, on top of the ease of streaming individual songs on Spotify or YouTube instead of purchasing records, record sales have been declining rapidly, thus, producers are getting paid less than they were (on average). Because of this, they are taking on more and more projects for slightly cheaper prices (still in the tens of thousands), which ultimately waters down their sound & brand even more. This transformation is only going to continue…

Think of it this way – NASA is amazing, but SpaceX is in a great position to be the future. Further, why should it stop at SpaceX? What about all of the other smart & competent scientists out there who are innately passionate about exploring our outer world? We tend to forget it’s the actual scientists on the ground that fuel the space exploration industry, not the businessmen (*ahem, “government”) who own NASA. It’s safe to say we’re like the scientists of commercial music production, and the major labels are NASA. Just because major labels & producers exist doesn’t mean they have all of the answers. As long as they can make you feel like you need them, they’re happy. We’re here to tell you that you don’t (even though it’s great to work with them once you get to a certain point). We are a smarter, easier, and more affordable alternative for independent artists looking to build a long-term career.

So stop worrying about trying to get big-name labels & producers to back you. Start with what you have right now (us, and a dream), and they will come when the time is right. That’s how so many greats did it (Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Aaliyah, Drake, J. Cole, the list goes on). When you think about it, the producers that these artists worked with in the beginning were completely unknown at first. For example, take a look at Kendrick Lamar’s first album. Look at the right-hand side at the “producers” section… I’m sure you’ve NEVER heard of most of those guys, ’til this day. All of these artists started with a dream and a little ambition. Just start there… Everything else is smoke & mirrors. It’s all an illusion to keep you stagnant (the belief that you need “xyz” in order to make it). At the end of the day, it’s about your image and your songs. That’s it. Most artists don’t pay attention to the details that we provided you with here. It’s crucial to understand how this all works, what’s propaganda, and what’s not. You’re welcome.

With all that said, go ahead and click the “Browse Collection” tab below to start building yours!

General FAQ

    How do I purchase exclusive rights?

    We do not offer exclusive rights for purchase. However, you can still get them to any beat under the following conditions: Licensee qualifies for exclusive rights ownership to instrumental at no extra upfront charge if Licensee (a) gets 100,000 streams or more, collectively, through any major music streaming service including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or (b) sells 25,000 units or more of Song through a major music distributor/retailer, whichever comes first. An entity qualifies as a major music distributor or streaming service if the entity publicly sells music (singles, albums, EPs, etc.) and grosses at least one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) annually. For the avoidance of doubt, YouTube views and Soundcloud plays do not count as streams or sales. The licensee must notify Licensor within thirty (30) days of receiving said amount of streams/sales in order to receive further documentation granting him exclusive rights. Failure to notify Licensor will result in retroactive payment to Licensor for all revenue dating back to the date 100,000 streams (or 25,000 sales), which qualifies Licensee for exclusive ownership, was achieved.

    Do you use samples?

    No. All tracks are sample-free. We do not condone illegally licensing “uncleared” sampled music. However, we are capable of making a beat ‘sound’ like it was sampled upon request, as we understand that’s what gives many rap beats their sound.

    What are trackouts?

    “Trackouts” or tracked out audio files, aka “stems” are the separate audio files the make up a particular instrumental. For instance, the kick, snare, synth, piano, and so on are all separate audio files that comprise the instrumental. These are useful for high-end mixing projects where the engineer may need to customize the mix of the instrumental around your vocals. We highly suggest the Deluxe License for a top-notch mix.

    How do I credit the producer?

    For YouTube/Vevo/Vimeo/Facebook/Other Video Outlets: “Produced by Pink Fader – https://pinkfader.com” For all physical media: Anything to the likes of “Produced by Pink Fader”, or “Instrumental by Pink Fader” will suffice.

    Can I make money off of the songs I make with Pink Fader/sell them on iTunes?

    Yes, you can. All licenses allow you to do this without any earnings limits. With non-exclusive licenses, please keep in mind the length of your contract, however.

    Do I have to pay the producer a percentage of the royalties I accure?

    All non-exclusive licenses are 100% royalty-free, and last only two years. With “Exclusive” & “Custom Beat” licenses, artists must pay 3% of net profits (from Master use) to the producer. As well, publishing will be split 25/75 (Us/You). Exclusive & Custom Beat licenses last for a lifetime, and prevent anyone else from ever licensing the same beat.

    How long does it take for me to receive my purchase?

    All download links are emailed to you instantly upon purchase.

    Will the beat be removed from the website once I license it?

    If you do not earn the exclusive license, no, the beat will not be removed from the site.

    How does the copyright situation work?

    Pink Fader will retain all copyright ownership of the instrumentals for non-exclusive licenses. However, if you earn exclusive rights to beat or purchase a custom beat, you will retain copyright ownership of the Sound Recording (Masters). For non-exclusive purchases, you should file a form PA to copyright your lyrics only. You cannot copyright the music as it’s a non-exclusive license.

    A beat I was listening to is now removed from the site. What happened to it?

    If a beat is removed, its exclusive rights were earned, and it cannot be resold.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major debit/credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover). We process transactions using PayPal and Stripe. You do not need a Paypal account to checkout via PayPal (a debit/credit card will still work).