Expanding Your Fan Base

By April 8, 2019 March 2nd, 2020 Blog

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Anthony from The Needle Drop drops some knowledge on how to grow your fan-base by connecting on a new level. Subscribe to his channel!

From his YouTube description:

1. Be where people are. We’re in an age where just about anyone can create, release, and promote music. Of course, this has lead to an extreme abundance of the stuff. Chances are, because of this, nobody is going to be knocking on your doorstep to make some music. You’ve got to put your music out there if you want it to be heard. You need to be hitting up Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and just about any relevant social media site you can think of–especially if it’s music related. Bring your music to where music fans can discover it.

2. Reach out. People may stumble upon your music here and there once it’s floating out there on the internet, but it might not be enough. You may need to send some concise, straightforward, and polite e-mails to some music bloggers. You may need to network with some other bands who may help you land a spot on a great bill. Your music isn’t going to promote itself, and the old ways of doing things won’t bring your musical project as far as they used to. The internet is the future of music promotion. While not ever door may open when you knock, there are more doors than ever.

3. Understand your surroundings. Try to think about what you’re getting into before you embark upon this venture. There’s more competition than ever in the music business right now. On top of that, record sales are falling, and numerous artists are simply giving their music away for free just to catch a few extra pairs of ears. It’s not a good time for those who are simply egotistical and self-serving. If you’re going to last, you need to be making music that pleases people, furthers the art form, or both.

4. Make music. Make music! Develop projects! Build it and they will come! Don’t get hung up on a single track album you’ve made just because it did well or flopped. Move onto the next thing, write your next song. Improve, evolve, explore, reevaluate, grow, and rise like a phoenix from every pile of ashes you create. You never know when your next song could be your “hit.”