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It’s a wonderful thing that anyone with a computer can make music these days. The amount of music being made and listened to is incredible. Beats are everywhere out there, but they’re not all created equal. Free beats are a dime a dozen online, and it’s hard to tell which beats are ripping off original artists by just tweaking their work a bit.

When it comes to paid beats, the price can be an indicator of quality, but by no means does paying for the most expensive beat mean it’s the best one… Whether you’re hunting for Hip-Hop, R&B beats, House, or some other style of music, sorting through all the different music can be exhausting. So how can you know where to go for quality exclusive beats for sale?

Here are a few helpful things to get you pointed in the right direction.

Know What You’re Looking for Before You Start

No one becomes a great musician overnight, so put in the work required. Develop your sound and pursue it with a passion. As you hone your musical talent, you’ll have a better idea about what fits and what doesn’t. This helps narrow the search as you go out looking for beats, and even better, you’ll know exactly how to approach the producer with your custom instrumental project.

The best way to start is just to listen to as many sounds as you can to develop your musical taste. You’ll get an ear for the intricacies in different beats. You won’t go chasing after something that sounds great, but isn’t your style — it’s easy these days to jump on a bandwagon just because a certain sound is hot… right now.

Stick with what you’re good at and you’ll know what sounds right when you hear it. When you have things locked down, then the search for exclusive beats for sale can begin. You’ll be ready to take things to the next level.

Find a Competent Producer

Sure, you could take a chance on that amateur musician making his or her first beats, but the odds are against you. Messing with untested producers is fine if you’re testing out sounds or experimenting. However, if you’re serious about making quality music, then it pays to find someone more experienced.

Finding a great music producer isn’t far out of reach like some people think. Prolific beat writers who produce for world-class artists have extensive libraries that they list for sale online. It’s more common now than ever.

It makes sense.

As a professional producer, they make a ton of music, and not all of it gets picked up by artists. Rather than have it sit on a computer somewhere, the producers list the exclusive beats for sale. It’s a great system where aspiring musicians can access music made by Grammy-award-winning producers.

One way to help ensure top-quality music production is by choosing beats from artists with a list of big-name clients. A lot of producers’ sites will list who they’ve worked with in the past.

If you find exclusive beats for sale by a producer who has worked with multiple major record labels, then it’s a good bet they know what they’re doing. However, this is actually becoming less true as time goes on and technology makes it easy for raw musicians to put ideas together.

Understanding common price models can help you find the best beats. A lot of producer sites operate on a pricing tier system. For a reasonable fee, amateur artists can buy the rights to one or more beats for a certain amount of time. My licensing structure is here if you’re interested.

As the price increases, there will be more value available in terms of the number of beats a customer can buy, what the quality of the beats are, and how they can use them. Understanding what you are paying for is important because it will dictate how you use the beat in the future. There are usually more usage limitations on less expensive beat deals.

The Right Producer Can Create Custom Beats for You

One of the best things about the availability of exclusive beats online is that incredible producers will also work with you on a one-on-one basis. Essentially, you have the same access as top recording artists to the best exclusive beats.

This, as you would expect, comes at a higher cost than buying something off an artist’s existing library. But there’s also a lot more potential around making a custom beat from scratch that you have lifetime rights to. The decision to pursue custom beats depends on where you are as an artist. If your music is ready for the stage, then there’s no better way to create a unique sound than by making custom beats with a professional.

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