Eliminating Writer’s Block: A Guide for Recording Artists

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All recording artists deal with writer’s block. You get an amazing idea, and halfway through the process, you get stuck. That, or you know you need to write a song, but you’ve got no ideas to get started. I get it. I’ve been there. That’s why I made this guide to help you out. Below, you’ll find a list of things that will get you out of that rut and back into the songwriting flow. The list comes from lots of research and personal experience. Ready to get rid of that writer’s block? Then keep reading.


Chill Out

Too many recording artists forget to take breaks. Listen, the more you stress yourself out, the worse your writer’s block is going to get. Your best bet? Put the song away. Stop thinking about it. Focus on something else, preferably something relaxing. Take a walk, take a bath, or take a nap. Try meditating for a few minutes. Once you let your brain relax for a while, the ideas will start flowing again. Sometimes that flash of inspiration will happen out of nowhere.


Work Out

Next, it’s time to get the blood flowing. Too much time in one place can slow down your ideas. Your brain isn’t taking in anything new, so your creative energy goes down. How do you get the energy flowing again? Get moving. You can have bonus points if you get moving outside, where your brain will have more fun things to notice. Again, don’t obsess over your song while you work out. The idea is to stimulate your brain without stressing yourself out. Let yourself enjoy the scenery instead. You can come back to your song after you’ve spent some time moving.


Work on Something Else

Still not getting any ideas for that song? Then work on a different song. Or work on something else entirely. Some recording artists get so bogged down with a project that they limit their creativity. Get your creativity flowing by giving it another outlet. You might make a few sketches, for instance. Finish a painting. Even color in an adult coloring book. Any of these activities can spark inspiration for your current project. Take as long as you need to spark your creativity.


Stream-of-Consciousness Writing

Still not getting any ideas? Some recording artists use stream-of-consciousness writing to get rid of creative blocks. They set a timer for five minutes or so, and then they just write. What do they write? Whatever comes to mind. Stream-of-consciousness writing doesn’t have to be brilliant. In fact, more often than not, it’s full of nonsense. If you get distracted by a squirrel, write it down. If you start craving a sandwich, write that down too. Just don’t stop writing until the timer goes off. It seems silly, but it will help your songwriting in two ways. First, stream-of-consciousness writing will help you get all of the distracting thoughts out of your head and onto paper. As a result, you’ll have better focus because your brain will stop trying to hold on to trivial things. Second, this kind of writing often leads to sparks of inspiration that you can use in your songs.


Write Badly

Some recording artists refuse to write anything until inspiration hits. Don’t be one of them. Obviously, inspiration matters, but sometimes the muses just aren’t on your side. If you’re having one of those days, then it’s time to write badly. Don’t wait for brilliance. Just write. The more you practice writing through writer’s block, the better you’ll get at handling those moments. Sit down and write a really bad song. Let go of the pressure and expectation, and just write. One of two things will happen. First, you might write a terrible song, but the process of writing will get you into a creative flow. Second, you might accidentally write something good. Either way, you’re writing, and that’s the important thing.


Listen to Beats

Finally, I recommend listening to different beats. Want to write a pop song? Listen to pop beats. Want to write a rap? Listen to rap beats. You get the idea. Sometimes, it even helps to listen to beats you wouldn’t use. You’ll challenge your brain and stoke your creativity. In any case, beats can help you get started writing that song. They’ll bring the song to life in a new way, and you’ll find the inspiration that you’re looking for.


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