Custom Beats

5-Day Turnaround | 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Now, You Have 3 Options Instead of 1!

To alleviate the stress of “wondering if we will get you the sound you want on the first try”, we will create 3 different “quick-draft” ideas (usually 8-bar loops) for every custom beat project you do with us, per beat. Simply select your favorite quick-draft of the 3, and we will finish that one.

Now, you aren’t just “hoping and praying we get it right the first time” (which, most of the time we do). You can have complete confidence that your sound will get nailed when getting customized instrumentals from us!

Note: This process is usually not needed/necessary for larger, more complex projects (full orchestras, intricate live instrumentation, extremely dynamic pieces, etc.) as there would be so many details to work off of. It would be redundant to send 3 drafts of a ‘very specific’ sound. However, most projects we conduct are pretty straight-forward.

How It Works

  • You fill out the custom beat application below (we are very selective about who we choose work with)
  • We will send you a follow-up email confirming our ability to deliver on your requests if your application is accepted
  • You pay a 50% deposit for us to get started
  • We send you 3 “quick-drafts” for you to choose from (you pick your favorite)
  • We finish the draft you selected, corresponding back and forth with you during the process
  • You pay the remaining balance once satisfied with the track, and we will send you all pertinent files (mp3, wav, trackouts, and an official agreement assigning you exclusive rights to the instrumental)

Custom Production Form




General ideas

Link to a reference song similar to the sound you'd like (if applicable)

Your General Rights

  • Sell unlimited copies of your product through unlimited mediums
  • Unlimited radio broadcast rights
  • Unlimited for‐profit and non‐profit performance rights
  • Receive the tracked out WAV (24-bit, 44.1 Khz) files
  • Beat will never be sold again
  • Artist owns & controls master
  • All fees are non‐refundable
  • 3% mechanical royalty to producer
  • 25/75 publishing split (Us/You)
  • Credit must be given to Pink Fader

Important Information

  • All minor revisions are free of charge (i.e. “turning up a snare drum”, ” choosing a different bass sound”, “making the bridge longer”, etc.)
  • You will be granted up to 3 major revisions per custom beat (i.e. changing the entire genre of the track from a Hip-Hop beat to a Pop instrumental). For every additional major revision, there will be a fee of $30
  • You will have up to 14 days after every revision (if needed) to either request your next revision or pay your remaining balance in full. Otherwise, you will forfeit any ownership to the custom track, and will not be refunded your initial deposit