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Beats For Songs

The Ultimate Guide

Hi – Grammy-nominated record producer, Pink Fader here. If you need beats for your next project, I’ll show you exactly how to make this happen!

What are beats for songs?

Beats for songs are the backing instrumentals that support recorded vocal lyrics, melodies, & rhythms – and when combined, form full songs. ️🎶

… So you’re a recording artist, and you need instrumentals to accompany your dope vocal ideas. While there are a few things to consider when searching for beats for songs, it’s pretty much a walk in the park in 2019.

Here’s a collection of my beats that I’ve made available for leasing

Click here to view my licensing options.

Here are the best ways to get beats for your song ideas:

1. YouTube

(for those just starting out)


  • Quick & easy
  • Cheap (most of the time, free)


  • You will have to share the same beat with thousands of other artists
  • Most of those licenses are non-profit (you can NOT make money off of the songs you create using those beats)
type beats

Background and Overview:

I’m sure you’re aware of the “type beat craze”, and have heard all the success stories from now-popular major artists. ️🎶️🎤

If you’re not familiar, let me fill you in really quickly.

Starting around 2010ish, a rave of new “internet producers” (as they call us) stormed YouTube with beats in which they conceptually hear particular famous artists on. Most of these videos are just still, eclectic pictures with overlayed music (the beat).

The titles of these YouTube videos would get prefaced with something like “Drake Type Beat”, for example. Just replace “Drake” with whichever artist who’s sound the beat most resembles.

Fast-forward to today, and the craze is bigger than ever. Here’s an example of the type of video I’m talking about (one of mine):

What’s the legal situation for these beats?

So there’s usually a convenient, and pretty download link to instantly download these “type beats”.

Even though they’re free, and easy to download, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of if you’re looking to make some serious moves with your songs.

Be sure to check the actual agreement that you receive when downloading free beats. Most note that you can only use the beats for promotional use, and cannot profit using them.

Note: With my free beats, you are allowed to profit, as I give you an official license to do so.

Now… let’s move on to option #2.

2. Leasing

(for experienced artists with small to medium budgets)


  • Affordable (ranging from $30 – $200)
  • You CAN profit from your song using a leased beat
  • Usually royalty-free (meaning you won’t owe the producer a dime from your profits, within the limits of your contract)


  • Leased beats can be licensed to multiple artists
  • Most producers sell exclusive rights (explained below) to beats they “lease”. If the exclusive rights to a beat you leased is purchased, you have little-to-no chance of ever attaining exclusive rights to that beat, even if your song “blows up”. These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, and no such situation is the exact same.

Background and Overview:

Back in the day (before “internet producers”), there was no such thing as a beat lease. Either YOU bought the beat exclusively, or someone else did. The producer may then request back-end royalties. End of story.

Fast-forward to today, due to declining record sales & the explosive growth in the number of aspiring artists, music producers far and wide have found a new way to make a living.

This new way keeps the supply on-demand, no matter how large the aspiring artist market gets.

In 2019, it’s easier to ask an artist for $100 for a beat that can be licensed to others (a lease), as opposed to $3,000 for something exclusive.

3. Exclusive Buyouts

(to premade beats that are available for leasing – for experienced artists with larger budgets)


  • Peace of mind knowing you have full/unlimited rights to do pretty much anything you want with your song (Radio-play, TV/Film placements, Performances, Streaming, etc.).

Note: This rarely includes the ability to resell the beat as is. That would be the only notable stipulation.

  • Prevents anyone else from licensing the beat, in any fashion, from that point forward.


  • Can get pricey ($1,000+)
  • Other artists may still have active non-exclusive licenses (leases) to said beat.

Note: I personally have a stipulation for my agreements that prevents any non-exclusive license from exceeding 5 years. Most producers do not include such clause, which allows artists outside of the exclusive rights owner to push THEIR version of the song without any term limits.

Background and Overview:

These rights usually allow you to do ANYTHING with the song you create using the beat (for a lifetime). In these cases, the producer will normally ask for 25 – 50% of the backend publishing royalties.

Please be aware when purchasing exclusive rights to beats made available for leasing, there are multiple other artists who have songs out using the same beat (under a non-exclusive leasing license). In most cases, the producer will not demand those artists unpublish their songs. However, after you purchase exclusive rights, no other artist can license that beat again, from that day forward.

Note: I personally do not sell exclusive rights. They can only be earned by either getting 100,000+ streams or selling 25,000 units (whichever happens first). You can learn more here.

4. Custom Beats

(the best option for experienced artists with larger budgets, and an existing loyal fan-base)

*These are basically exclusive beats, but they’re made-to-order for you, and only you. I would be glad to make you a custom beat. I work pretty fast, and am well-versed across many genres.


  • The beats are completely unique and exclusive to you
  • No earnings, distribution, or term limits


  • Can get pricey ($1,000+)
  • Usually takes at least a week to get done right

So that’s it! Now you know how you can get the right beats for your songs. Comment below with other ways you’ve found beats! Check out my beats for sale.